This document describes all the functionalities of KineXYZ and how to use this development platform. Now you can learn how to animate your world.

Application Notes

Joint Angle Joint angle
In a lot of applications the data of several sensors need to be combined. One example that is often required is the calculation of a joint angle that takes the orientations of the two segments as input. In this application note we will show how to implement a joint angle.
Streaming a value
Suppose we want to stream the output of a diagram to an external application. The problem then is that the calculated value itself is not associated with a specific object and no property name is specified either. This means that if the output would be connected to a network stream, nothing would be transmitted. It is therefore that an object name and property name must be specified for a calculated value. In this application note it is explained how this is done.
Generic functions
The purpose of a function is to execute an incorporated function using one or more values (kinematic, generated or constant) as input and generate an output.